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Friday, May 6, 2011

7 May

Mark and I made it to New Jersey this afternoon (still morning on the west coast). The flight was a direct and uneventful (a good thing). The folks here in New Jersey do an incredible job at get this thing organized and under way. We were met at the airport by Stu a Captain with the Essex County Sheriff's Department. He had his daughter Samantha and son Nick with him. Both of them under ten years old. After we located the oversized luggage place to pick up our bikes Sam and Nick volunteered to wheel our luggage for us. Very personable and fun kids. We met up with 11 officers from the Las Vegas Metro PD and then all boarded a shuttle for the hotel.

Once we got to the hotel, we got checked in and a short time later went down and put our bikes back together. It was good to see a few faces from last year and say hello. Ventured out to a Chili's for dinner and now trying to fight the urge to go to bed too early. Jet lag ... blah.

Talked with John this evening. He will be flying down from Boston at 1130 tomorrow. Not a lot planned for the day.

The weather is decent. When we arrived it was 72 and partly cloudy. Hopefully the rain stays away for the next several days of the ride.

See ya tomorrow.

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