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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 2 - 10 May

One hundred mile day #1 is over. We have another one to go tomorrow and then the home stretch on Thursday.

We put in 55 miles before lunch. There has been alot of talk on the ride amoung those that have ridden before that the pace seems to be faster. This was validated a little later this evening when I spoke with one of the motor support officers who said we were flying today. We all recognized that we were traveling faster than the suggested 15 MPH for the ride.

We are starting to see a few more accidents happen as we go. However, there have not been nearly as many as last year. Today there was a pretty nasty spill that sent one of the riders to the hospital. She was riding just behind Mark who looked back just in time to see her going over the handlebars. John and I rode up as she was sitting in the roadway and being attended to. We saw her at the rest stop just prior to the last leg. It was good to see her there, but she is going to be pretty sore as she was scraped up pretty good.

It continues to be heart warming to see the number of people that come out to the roadway as we are riding past and thank us. A number of daycares and a few schools have the kids come out to greet us as we ride past. Numerous citizens step out of their homes and businesses to wave, clap and shout words of encouragement. There are of course a number of people that get a bit upset waiting at intersections for us to pass by, but all in all the citizens are positive.

There were not many photos taken today. So I will attach a few photos from the Ground Zero ride yesterday that John took and a photo of the trio from our last rest stop today.

Tomorrow takes us on our next 100 mile day and brings us from Wilmington, DE to Annapolis, MD. This portion of our ride last year was the toughest weather wise. It was pretty cold and very wet. At least for now the weather forecast looks nothing close to this, for which we are thankful.

Until tomorrow ...

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