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Saturday, May 8, 2010

8 May (2)

Well we pretty much ended up hanging out at the hotel today. We walked around the area a little bit and visited a couple stores to get some last minute items. Although the sun came out this afternoon the wind was awful. Unfortunately the forecast says we could be getting wind gusts between 20-30 mph tomorrow. That will not be good for the ride!

My bike was repaired today. The very good mechanic returned this afternoon with a longer screw and got me back in order. Very thankful for Fabian and his skills.

As I said early, Mark is back to better side of things. Everyone is raring to get to the riding tomorrow.

We saw a really neat car from Covington, KY in the parking lot today. Mark took some photos of it that I will have to get off of his camera and upload tomorrow. The Oakland PD motorcycles were brought out on display this afternoon also. They had them very neatly lined up in the parking lot. Photos of them will also come tomorrow. Sorry for all of the tomorrow photos, but I forgot to take my camera when we went out and all the shots are on Mark and John's.

A room was reserved upstairs where different groups sold some items. Las Vegas PD had a couple of tables where they were selling t-shirts, there was a vendor table there, the folks that make the uniforms we wear were there, there was miscellaneous Police Unity Tour items for sale and the Oakland PD had a table where they were selling memorablia. We talked to Denise running the Oakland table this morning and she agreed to place our bike coins on her table for sale. She did a great job for us and sold just over 50 coins for us in a few hours.

We are told that we will be leaving the parking lot here at about 9:30 in the morning. We will be heading for Edison, NJ for our stop tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully the wind is not in our face the entire trip.

We'll be back in touch tomorrow afternoon with some new photos and an update on the wind. We thought this was New Jersey not the windy city of Chicago :-).

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