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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Photos for 11 May

Here are the promised photos for yesterday. There aren't really any for the afternoon because of the rain. I am also pretty certain that none of us felt confident enough to take a picture because our fingers were all frozen.

I will be making a post later about our ride from Annapolis to DC and our arrival at the National Law Enforcement Memorial.

This is Mark and I and a photo of me on the bus. In the morning we had to get bussed from our hotel to another where they were storing our bikes and the ride would begin for the day.

OOPS! Sorry for another sideways shot. As we were leaving Wilmington, DE this was a class of police recruits that greeted us on our way out of town. Pretty awesome that they were out early in the morning to greet us.

John and I ready to go for the day.

Out on the road departing from Wilmington.

As I have stated before, numerous citizens, police and fire personnel have been out on the route to support us and cheer us on during the ride. This was a fire truck that was set up in the median of the highway with its boom extended in tribute.

Those great motor guys. What a fantastic job they did for us along the route!

Taking off from a rest stop. This was the lead vehicle. It took us along the route that we traveled for the day and basically dictated our speed. There were several motorcycles in front of this vehicle alerting the public that we were on the way.

The gentleman pictured here is the Northern California chapter President Pat O'Brien. He is from the Rocklin CA Police Department. What a fantastic job he has done in helping us to coordinate our journey here to the east coast and welcoming us into the chapter. And of course the other photo is Michelle enjoying her ride.

One of the bridges that we rode over during the ride.

Out on the road before the rain and just as the rain began to come down.

The last rest stop before the rains began and chilled us to the bone.

After we arrived in Annapolis several members of the chapter went out to dinner. The restaurant selected was the Chart House. It was an excellent restaurant serving mainly seafood that was very well done. This is one of the tables with members of the chapter.

John starting off one of the communal desserts and Mark wondering if anyone else is going to get the opportunity to see what it tastes like. We all got a little bit :-).

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