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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Photos from 8 May

Here are photos from Saturday while we were out and about.

Saturday was very windy and certainly held true for Sunday. At times on Saturday it was difficult to walk into the wind.

Oakland PD brought 22 motor units in honor of their fallen officers and are riding as traffic support for the Unity Tour. We found them all nicely lined up in the parking lot on Saturday afternoon.

Covington, Kentucky brought this car out for National Police Week. This car was originally numbered 911 and after 09-11 they decided to make it a custom vehicle. The car is driven by an officer in their community policing section and they take it to special events. They will have it on display in a place called "the pit" in DC. The hood has a painting of the statue of liberty. The trunk has the NYC skyline and the top says 09-11. Very cool vehicle.

There are a few photos. We didn't do much on Saturday, so there was not alot going on.

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