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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Mark and I went out for the last big training ride today. We went about 75 miles. For those in the know we went from our homes down to the Centralia city limits and back. I think as a whole we will get in one or two more rides next week before leaving.

Friday marked the one week countdown to departure. We will be leaving the morning of the 7th to fly to New Jersey. We will then have a day (8th) to get things all squared away and then begin the ride on the 9th.

This week we will be getting all the little details taken care of so that we are ready on Friday. Figuring out how to put bikes in travel boxes will be priority #1. None of us have experience with this and are getting some help from friends and each other to make this happen.

We are all very much looking forward to the experience that this ride and visit to the National Law Enforcement Memorial will present us. The names of the officers killed in the line of duty here in Washington have been added to the memorial and we have been given the information on where Mark, Tina, Ronnie, Greg, Tim and Kent are placed on the Memorial.

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  1. The pictures are awesome.. I cant believe how many miles you put in each day... WOW!! I hope some one rememebered the Ben-Gay...

    Stay safe