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Sunday, May 9, 2010

9 May

Today was day one of the Tour. As the day ended we did about 57 miles going from East Hanover, NJ to Edison, NJ. The temperature of the day was fairly ok but the wind was not good. It was a repeat of the windy day we had on Saturday. When we started it was windy and cold, but once we got under way the wind calmed down and the day turned out pretty good.

Here we are at breakfast preparing to take off for the day.

Here we are out in the freezing wind and cold preparing to ride for the day. We started the ride in the parking lot of the Target that was next door to the hotel.

This is the group as we are preparing to leave the parking lot on the way to Edison, NJ.

Mark, John, Me and Michelle out for a leisurely ride on the streets of New Jersey.

We stopped for a break in Jersey City, NJ. When we arrived in the lot there were two fire trucks that had this flag draped over the entrance. There was a small crowd of citizens there awaiting our arrival. Very nice. There was also an honor guard and bagpipes on hand. There were a few speeches given by dignitaries to include Craig Floyd (pictured) who is the president of the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund.

John and I had the privilege of getting our photo taken with Mr. Floyd.

At the end of the evening we stopped at Prince Albert's Palace where we watched a ceremony honoring people in the South Asia / Indian community. At the end of the ceremony we took a photo with Albert and were treated to a very good meal.

And of course at the end of the day ... a little relaxation in the pool.

Tomorrow brings an early start as luggage has to be out for pickup by 5:30 am and we are to be on the road by 7. We are scheduled to do about 100 miles tomorrow and end the day in Wilmington, DE. We certainly hope that the weather cooperates a little bit as we hear the temperature is dropping again. If the wind is not blowing and the sun peeks out we should be ok.

We'll let you all know how it goes.

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